Toronto Bagpiper

Add some pomp and ceremony — or far out flair! — to your event with the stirring sounds of the Scottish Highlands.

The Toronto Bagpiper (aka Ian Goodtimes) has been a professional musician and bagpiper for over 38 years, with a repertoire that ranges from traditional pipe music to classic rock, from stern solemnity to total hilarity. He has had the honour of piping for the Governor General, two prime ministers and was the official bagpiper of Tokyo Disneyland. 

Ian’s skill and experience with the pipes are matched only by his joyful irreverence. Here’s a guy who is fully aware of the importance of tradition but never hidebound by it. From “Flower of Scotland” and “Loch Lomond” to “Do Ya Think I’m sexy?” and “Iron Man”, he can — and will! — play ’em all!

With advance notice he can play any song that you request!


Ian loves playing weddings! (The pipes are a great way for guests to find the venue; their distinctive voice ensures everybody knows where the happy couple are at!) He will:


  • Play outside the venue as guests arrive (about 15 minutes)
  • Pipe the bride down the aisle for the bridal processional
  • Pipe the newlyweds outside to their receiving line
  • Allow for greetings and and congratulations while he plays a short distance away


The sound of the bagpipes adds a sense of dignity and ceremony to any funeral service. Ian will:


  • Play as mourners arrive
  • Play as part of the funeral service itself, and 
  • Play during the procession and/or burial, according to your preference
  • Be respectful of the bereaved’s wishes


Roses? Nah. Chocolate? So last year. Cake pops? C’mon. Singing telegram? You can do better. What you need is a bagpipe-a-gram.

Perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or just to say hi!

How does it work?

  • Choose 2-3 songs
  • Choose the time and place
  • Wait for the Toronto Bagpiper to show up and surprise and delight your loved one!


Got the Covid Blues? Ian’s your guy. He will:

  • Travel to your pal’s or family’s home
  • Respect physical distancing rules
  • Promise not to pipe moistly
  • Play your most rousing requests
  • Get all your neighbours out on their balconies and/or porches or hanging out their windows
  • Inject Highland happiness into your isolation


Ian’s energy and Scottish-inspired spunk will enliven any of your events. He will:


  • Pipe in head tables
  • Lead a parade
  • Serve as introduction for a speaker
  • Energize a crowd
  • Add gravitas and/or humour to your agenda



Bagpipes add a unique, funny, or haunting element to entertainment and advertisements. The Toronto Bagpiper’s image and music has been featured in:

  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • American Gods
  • Goat, a feature film starring Nick Jonas
  • A Budweiser beer campaign
  • And many others…


If you think Ian’s original bagpipe stylings would be a good fit for your production or event, get in touch!

Past clients include: